On the first day there was HTML. The backend wasn't made until years later. God was clearly busy browsing the internet.

Technology should make life easier. Web technology should be centered on enabling frontend development, because that is where technology meets people, and at the end of the day - if not for us, the users, the people, then what for? Ease of use helps adaptation and minimizes the need for support. Said in a business voice: It is an investment in your own success. And yet, most platforms out there are either focused on the backend development or the content editing.

A lot of things aren't exactly what they should be and some people use that as an excuse to accept pretty bad as good enoug in the comfort of old habits and minimal effort. That is the problem, in general and in web development.

Recreating balance

parentNode is here to create balance, by providing new design patterns and development methods designed to enable frontend developers do more with less ressources spent. parentNode is founded on an idealistic dedication to frontend centered technology, because in our opinion it is the only approach that makes sense when it comes to web development.

We apply a holistic approach to development, where humans and technology meet and grow together with a strong sense of the bigger picture while respecting all the small parts. We produce regenerative code, which means that every project yields new resources, in terms of understanding, knowledge, skills, reusable code and modules or social networks and collaborators.

We're not just busy

parentNode is an anti-business created in 2008 by Martin Kæstel Nielsen to establish a platform for a more idealistic approach to web development. The anti-business part means we are not just here to be busy all the time – meaningfulness is more important for human wellbeing, and thriving humans create better results. parentNode is not meant to conform to the norm but to define the next standard.

parentNode is a spinoff from think.dk - a sustainability focused think tank & center of positive change.

Get in touch

We are always looking for new project- or development partners, so feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments.