At parentNode we are craftsmen and we understand the importance of our tools – and of keeping them in top condition. These tools allow us to control more aspects of the development and provide our clients with the best solutions.

The parentNode platform is composed of the following free and open source projects and based on an extended LAMP stack.


Manipulator is an extremely flexible, performance optimized JavaScript library and framework for websites and applications with a slightly neurotic focus on details. From simple DOM manipulations to advanced animations to complex web applications.

Current version: 0.9.3


Janitor is a PHP content management and distribution developer toolkit, with a unique focus on frontend development. An extensive set of built-in components, a simple item-based data model and logical inheritance architecture allows you to use and extend Janitor any way you want.

Current version: 0.7.9


Detector is your one-stop solution to supporting all HTML capable devices on earth and lowering your development complexity at the same time. Providing you with a simple model for mixing up your own unambiguous device support in any given project.

Current version: 4


Templator is a semantic search engine optimized HTML template model for web development, that allows for a complete separation of content, design and functionality. Get ready for copy/paste markup for any site content.

Current version: 2.1

Asset Builder

Asset builder is a production asset builder for JavaScript and CSS. It compiles one JavaScript file and one CSS file, for optimized inclusion in production environments and ensures all your assets are in the right place.

Current version: 1

The parentNode WebStack

The parentNode WebStack is a full development and production enviroment based on Apache, PHP, MariaDB, Redis, ImageMagick, FFmpeg and wkhtmlto. The development environment runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Current version: 2

Want to contribute?

We always need help doing more good things. Send an email to to join our team. Or read more about our internal training program, Holistic Web Development (HWD) – no prerequisites required.