In an effort to ensure that creativity, quality and ambition is prioritized over spreadsheet logic I have formulated the following development guidelines, challenging traditional business models where the majority of decisions are made purely to maximize profit.

These statements are meant to be disruptive. Don't do it all at once.

The primary objective is the end user

Forget about money - it corrupts everything and despite what they say money doesn't care about innovation. Right.

Make it personal

You should care. Leverage your own interests. What do you gain? Punch yourself hard in the face if you just said money.

Ignore cost of development

Favor making the right long term decisions. We can't keep wasting our time making up for short term profit thinking.

Explore, philosophize, rationalize

Peek into the dark corners. Be philosophical. And then come up with an explanation. In that order.

Be uncompromisingly ambitious

Think even bigger. Swim with the sharks. Drown a little each day. We need new ideas.

Build it three times

Something new will arise in the process, if nothing else you will get a pretty good idea about the cost of your own bad habits.

Forget about fitting in

It is a waste of time and energy. Sheep fit in. Are you a sheep? I didn't think so.


Or smoke weed. Lower your brain frequency to lessen resistance. Let go for a while to get a better grip.

Get lost in details

Take it all the way to the extreme. Out there on the edge there is a new idea waiting to be discovered.

Restructure, refine, reimplement

Learn from new experiences. Deal with your past mistakes. Understanding will sink in.

Gain experience through insane experiments

Waste your time building something completely useless just for fun. You will learn something you didn't expect.

Never listen to guys/girls in suits

No comment needed.

Share everything

Sharing is selfish caring. You give, you get. It really is that simple. (But it doesn't work if you only share shit)

Feel free to curse

Be passionate. Consider it a spice. Just don't overdo it. And remember to be polite now and then.

Do it anyway

So someone said you shouldn't do it? What the hell do they know. It is likely they are just scared. Don't be scared.

Bring patience and expect hard work

Only with endurance will you prevail. Don't pretend everything is a piece of cake, but eat it as if it was.

Make yourself proud

Because in the end you are the one staring back from the mirror. If something makes you embarrassed, you should stop doing it right now.