Frontend development is fun - testing and debugging your work across many browsers not so much (especially so if you are building a JavaScript framework from scratch). Obviously I have some serious testing needs when releasing new features in Manipulator and over time I have had a multitude of differnet test setups but a bunch of laptops, computers, tablets and phones piled up on my desktop or an equivalent amount of virtual machines running locally both takes up space and simply requires too much maintenance.

Eventually I switched to an online cross browser testing service and I have continuously evaluated a handful of them over the past years. Yeah, it isn't that easy to find the perfect balance between ease of use, browser availability and testing features, connection speed, support and price - and things change fast in this online sphere.

Recently I switched back to Browserstack and I must say I am impressed with the updates they have made over the last years. Roughly estimated it is top of class in all areas. Shortest way to local live testing, really good speed and all the testing features one can expect of a complete testing environment. And I especially want to applaud them for having a cheap freelancer plan - finally someone who is also considering the needs of the small individual businesses.

Check it out: