When using the parentnode-default-skin you also get the possibility of using dynamic variables in posts and pages.

This is the manual for how to enable the dynamic inputs. where it reads the classes from the html and determines the input options to provide and where


i:dynamicVariablesPost on post (css class)

Wrap css class around texts to make them dynamic, initializer will then inject a field for each unique var_id

Add a extension_start classname to the element where you want the dynamic inputs to be added.

Label is optional and only needed once for each var_id

If you want to use special characters in your label, you need to use url encoding, eg %20 for spaces

dynvar #var_id# label:#Label værdi#


<p>I love <span class="dynvar animal label:which%20animal%20do%20you%20like">dogs</span>!</p> <p>I sure do love those <span class="dynvar animal">dogs</span></p> <p><span class="dynvar animal">dogs</span> are the best :)</p>