Guide to setting the correct file permissions for a Janitor project on live or development servers.

We generally recommend you create a deploy group on your server, and add relevant users to this group. The following snippets are based on the asumption that this recommendation is met. In case you wonder, yes, you can just replace deploy with any specific user name to limit access to a single user.

Production site (live server)

A live Janitor project should only allow write permission for webserver in the src/library folder, while granting read/execute privileges to your deployment users on the entire project.

Navigate to your project folder and execute these commands:

sudo chown -R root:deploy .
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chown -R www-data:deploy theme/library
sudo chmod -R 770 theme/library

Developement site (local server)

On your local Janitor project you can use relaxed permissions. The only important thing is to make sure Janitor can write files (log files and uploads) to the src/library folder. The easiest way is simply to grant full access to all users.

To do this, navigate to your project folder and run the following command:

sudo chmod -R 777 .