Detector segments explained.

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  • The desktop_light segment


    The desktop_light segment basically covers all older desktop browsers as far back as the earliest Netscapes and Internet Explorers. It is considered a fallback segment to ensure even old browsers can be supported if so desired. (3%, 2017)

  • The tablet segment


    The tablet segment contains the most modern tablet browsers like Chrome 49+ , Firefox 49+ and Safari 10+. This covers iOS 9+ and Android 4+. (4%, 2017)

  • The tablet_light segment


    The tablet_light segment starts with the earliest iPads and Android tablets. It contains tablet OS' like the Android 2.3-4.1 and iOS 3-8. Anything falling below the tablet_light specifications will be indexed as mobile. (1%, 2017)

  • The smartphone segment


    The smartphone segment includes smartphones with Safari 10+, Chrome 49+, Firefox 49+ or Edge 13. It is advanced browsers but with limited screen sizes and processing power, compared to desktop computers. (37%, 2017)

  • The mobile segment


    The mobile segment includes mobile- and feature phones released within the past 5 years. They have small screens and limited support for JavaScript and CSS due to limited processing power. (8%, 2017)