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  • Internet video optimisation using FFmpeg


    This guide will explain how to encode video in the following formats: .mp4 (h264), .webm (VP8), .ogv (theora), .3gp (h263) and .mov (mpg), which should provide you with all the formats required to have your video shown on all devices.

  • Size matters (disks and folders)


    This post is about the linux commands "df" and "du" and will show you how to get information about available diskspace and determine the accumulated size of a directory/folder using terminal on Linux/OS X.

  • gzip'ing tarballs


    This post is about the linux commands "tar" and "gzip" and will show you how to use these convenient tools in terminal on Linux/OS X. Gzip is a compression tool much like Zip or RAR. A tarball is a collection of files bundled into one .tar file. A tarball is not compressed, only glued together for ease of handling.

  • Create new users on a Linux server using the terminal


    In some cases you need to install more users on your server - to allow other people to maintain the server or just upload files. Here is a short guide to adding other users, and granting them privileges to perform relevant tasks.

  • Git filemode - Making Git ignore file permission changes


    Sometimes you want to have a very relaxed set of file permissions on your local development source, but setting new file permissions will be reflected in the Git repository and before you know it, you are committing file mode changes to every file in your repos.