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  • The parentNode web stack


    The parentNode web stack is web development environment, allowing you to run multiple Janitor projects, and any other LAMP, MAMP or WAMP-based project such as WordPress, Joomla or Type3.

  • Setup Ubuntu Linux production server and install the parentNode web stack


    This will guide you through installing the parentNode web stack on a clean Ubuntu 18.04 server for production deployment. The full stack includes Apache 2.4, PHP 7.2, MariaDB 10.2, Redis, Imagick, FFmpeg for JIT video and audio conversion and wkhtmltopdf for PDF generation.

  • Installing the web stack on Mac OS


    This will guide you through installing the parentNode web stack on Mac OS or OS X. The parentNode development environment is a full web stack based on Apache, MariaDB, PHP, Redis, Imagick, FFmpeg and wkhtmltopdf, which enables you to run all the parentNode tools, as well as most other PHP based frameworks and CMS', including WordPress, Joomla or TYPO3.

  • The Favicon overkill


    Remember back when all you needed was just one favicon? Today it's not quite that simple. A lot of new device types support a custom favicons for even more different use case scenarios. But do you really need 27 specific favicon's for your website? I don't think so.

  • Buying and setting up a domain validated SSL certificate for Apache


    Setting up a SSL certificate might seem like a complicated and expensive matter. It doesn't have to be expensive but it truly is bit complicated with a lot of new terms to deal with. Here are some hints to help get you through the process.