The desktop segment contains modern desktop browsers like Chrome 49+ , Firefox 49+ , Safari 10+ and Edge 13+. The purpose is to be able to target all modern browsers in one segment, to enable using the newest technology, without the need for extensive hacks or polyfills, which impairs performance.

As of December 2017 this segment represents ~84% of the desktop browsers and ~41% of the total browsers (across all device types).

Browser requirements:

The desktop segment is defined by the following criteria:

  • Primary input method is mouse or trackpad
  • Browser supports the desktop segment requirements
  • Screen width of a minimum of 800 pixels

The desktop segment supports the following features:

  • Promises
  • Web audio
  • Web Cryptography
  • ES6 Classes
  • CORS
  • WebGL
  • CSS 3D Transforms
  • CSS calc()
  • Mutation observer
  • Clipboard API
  • CSS Transitions
  • CSS Transforms
  • CSS Animations
  • Dataset
  • FileReader API
  • File API
  • FormData
  • PushState
  • Geolocation
  • Offline storage

Check out the complete feature support on

Note: Internet Explorer is not included in the desktop segment, because it simply doesn't qualify. You'll find IEs in the desktop_ie9, desktop_ie10 and desktop_ie11 segments. This is done to allow for flexible grouping without forcing other segments to suffer the consequences of required IE Hacks.