Our favourite Punkt1 retailer, Punk1 Kalundborg, with 8 shops across Zealand, just got a new B2B webshop which makes the entire Punkt1 product catalog available via the business client's e-procurement system. Yes, your guessed right, the webshop was developed by parentNode.

The typical scenario is for when a general housing association makes a deal with the retailer to supply all home appliances for the association's rental units. The new webshop enable Janitors and maintenance crews to browse and select products from the entire product catalog. Orders with all relevant details will be transferred to the association's e-procurement system, such as the Mercell procurement system, for further processing via the PunchOut technology.

The new webshop continuously synchronises with the main product catalog and allows the retailer to issue custom base discounts for each client affiliation. It provides an easy to use filtering system optimised for janitors and of course also system wide product search.

If your shopping association needs a PunchOut solution or your housing association also needs a home appliance deal, then contact parentNode today.