The tablet segment contains the most modern tablet browsers like Chrome 49+ , Firefox 49+ and Safari 10+. This covers iOS 9+ and Android 4+.

Tablet are defined by a display size larger than 6". However this is more of a guideline, than a strict rule. There are some phones out there, that are more than 6" but where resolution, performance or even assumed user expectation, clearly makes them a phone. Those devices are indexed as phones, despite their large screen.

The reason why the minimum width is only 600px is because Samsung released a series of popular tablets with a 600px resolution in portrait mode.

As of December 2017 this segment represents ~80% of the tablet browsers and ~4% of all browsers (across all device types).

Browser requirements:

The tablet segment is defined by the following criteria:

  • Primary input method is touchscreen
  • Browser supports the tablet segment requirements
  • Screen width of a minimum of 600 pixels
  • Screen is more than 6 inches

The tablet segment supports the following features:

  • Promises
  • Web audio
  • CORS
  • ES6 Classes
  • WebGL
  • CSS Animations
  • CSS 3D Transforms
  • CSS calc()
  • Clipboard API
  • File API
  • FileReader API
  • FormData
  • Mutation observer
  • PushState
  • Geolocation
  • Offline storage

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