The mobile_light segment includes mobile phones released within the past 15 years. The have very small screens and limited support for CSS and likely no support for JavaScript.

As of December 2017 this segment represents ~2% of the mobile browsers and ~1% of all browsers (across all device types). This segment is typically a lot larger in developing countries like India and Africa.

Browser requirements:

The mobile_light segment is defined by the following criteria:

  • Screen less than 2 inches
  • Primary input method is trackball/joystick/T9 keyboard
  • Browser supports the mobile_light segment requirements

The mobile_light segment supports the following features:

  • Very limited CSS support
  • No JavaScript support

To develop successfully for this segment you have to keep it very, very simple. You have to build on top of a mobile-first designed markup and it is more a matter of making it usable than actually applying a specific design. Some phones doesn't even have a color display. With that said, you can create a fully functional website even for these phones.