We have updated our build script. Before we used two separate scripts, namely js-merger and css-merger. Now they have been consolidated into the new asset-builder.

From now on build your project by going to http://#yourproject.local/asset-builder. Switching between the build and unbuild versions of the site is done by using the ?dev=0 and ?dev=1 parameters as usual.

Unfortunately, the upgrade to the new asset-builder isn't entirely automatic. There are a couple of manual steps. But do not worry, it's easy-peasy.

After you've pulled a site that has been updated to use the new asset-builder, your working directory will contain some unwanted Git residue. To remove this, open your terminal and navigate to the root directory of your site. 

Then, run the following commands:

rm -rf .git/modules/submodules/js-merger rm -rf submodules/js-merger rm -rf .git/modules/submodules/css-merger
rm -rf submodules/css-merger cd submodules/asset-builder && git config core.filemode false && cd ../.. git submodule init git submodule update

Finally, you must open .git/config, which is found in the site’s root directory – beware, the .git folder may be hidden – and delete the css-merger and js-merger sections. 

Save, and that's it!