A few months ago, we were approached by songwriter Marc Facchini and his compatriots. Marc was ready to publish his new album, Himmelmekanik, and he wanted an accompanying website that would do justice to the contemplative spirit of the music. 

How do you facilitate an undisturbed listening experience in this online world of multitasking and fluttering attention? Our solution was to make it quid pro quo – if you want the music, you must pay attention. So, on himmelmekanik.dk the music stops whenever the user moves the mouse or unfocuses the browser tab. 

The project have been positively received by the media. Our favorite headline is probably the one from Danish music magazine Gaffa, calling it "the simplest and most difficult listening experience". 

Indeed, what's good for us isn't always quick and easy.

Media coverage


  • Bo Fløjborg – designer
  • Christian Langballe – concept development
  • Marc Facchini – concept development, music
  • parentNode / think.dk – web development