There are a lot of things involved when you buy a new washing machine and want to have it delivered at home – which you tend to want, since carrying it rarely is an option.

For one, and important from the end client point of view, the shop clerk should be able to save your information and provide you with some actionable delivery date and time options.

Before we even got to that point, someone should have defined some cars, which areas they cover and which days and timespans they drive for optimized vehicle usage. And after your visit, the warehouse should get some information about which products to prepare for each car, right, and the driver should have a pre-calculated best route to drive and an easy way of keeping track of what to bring to which place at what time – and what to bring back. And don't forget to let the client know you will be there shortly. Document product faults or failures to deliver. Keep the agreed delivery time and watch out for that overtime.

And all of that as easy as eating a piece of cake you really like.

parentNode developed exactly such a system for the Punkt1 retailers. It provides a simple interface for the shop clerk when interacting with the client, a warehouse interface with packing lists and a driver interface with all delivery information, preprogrammed SMS messages and pre-calculated routes. And of course a general admin to maintain all the variable pieces of such an application and trace the performance of each vehicle.

Does your company also need a custom solution to help with the daily operations then get in touch. We are here to help with exactly that.