parentNode is fulfilling another stage in a longterm ambition to support the independent food distribution by delivering the new members platform, membership administration, webshop and Point of sales system to KBHFF.

The project was initially started as a collaboration between and KBHFF, to create an open source platform for food coops anywhere in the world. It was practically realized as a collective project between KBHFF, and parentNode. KBHFF provided an IT steering group and symbolic funding, acting as both client and project management team. provided an extensive programming course spanning 5 months, targeting idealists with little or no prior programming skills to create a team of developers that would enable us to create this ambitious project with almost no funding. And parentNode provided frameworks, technical expertise, additional development resources and office space.

It is an extensive system. Among other things it offers a section for supporting and volunteering members to maintain their membership settings. An internal member administration, notification and Point of Sales (POS) system for the KBHFF staff. A full webshop where you can order a selection of bags with seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, dry goods and individual items from local producers in the future.

It took some time to get here, but we are very proud of the result and looking forward to continuing the development. Many new features are already in the pipeline.

Check out KBHFF and join today to see the full project live.