Websites are not just one-size fits all and nor should they be. Your website must present itself beautifully across old and new browsers, tablets, and smartphones. It is no easy feat. 

Internet browsing trends change faster than a typical website lifespan. Tomorrow some new browsing gadget might surface, and what, then, do you do with your old website that you have invested so much in?

And what do you do when your site runs smoothly on your new and shiny browser, but your new collaborator or potential client are mandated by company regulations to use outdated browsers that make your site look amateurish? It happens more often than you'd think.

You might think that this problem is solved by Responsive Design. Unfortunately, the practices to which this term typically refer are not a great solution to the problem. An overuse of CSS media queries lead to needlessly complex code that is harder to maintain, and the result if often mediocre.

Detector offers a better solution. With our machine learning based algorithm we detect the device that is visiting the site, and serve the appropriate code. Clean and simple. Read more about how Detector works.

With Detector your website can support every HTML-enabled device on earth. Maintenance will be radically simplified and your user experience will be without compromise. You will be the guy that always says 'yes' to clients. You'll fight planned obsolence by creating that rare beast: a web site with a lifespan of many years.

We are constantly working to improve Detector, and we just took another step by launching Detector v4.1! It offers you a host of new features and performance enhancements:

  • New /json API endpoint
  • New maintenance tools, to minimize UA deduction database
  • 12 segments to cover every browser and HTML device on earth.
  • Performance improvements and useragent trimming
  • Updated identification priority
  • Smaller footprint
  • Updated indexing UI, for much faster re-indexing of segment base
  • The desktop_edge segment, introduced in v3.0, had become superfluous due to automatic updating being built into most browsers.

Enjoy, and get in touch if you want to be a part of our team or drop off some feedback!