Holistic Web Developer – v2

In collaboration with think.dk we are now again offering a web developer qualification course, for a small number of job seeking candidates in collaboration with their A-kasse or Jobcenter.

This course is conducted as an apprentice style training including physical attendance. The candidate gets to work on real life problems supervised by the mentor.

The perfect candidates have a basic or good understanding of programming, perhaps from working with other programming languages or from having played with programming at home – and the candidate desires to transition to ocupation within the field of web development for their onwards work life.

The course

The full course offers a holistic coverage of web technologies to provide a thourough understanding of the entire webstack, from server configuration to client and server programming.

The purpose of the full course is, to give the candidates:

  • Insight into licensing systems and open source software.
  • Insight into Linux and web server installation.
  • Training in programming in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Training in Databases and SQL.
  • Understanding of sustainable IT.
  • Knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Training in applied development techniques and methods, tools, libraries and frameworks.
  • Respect for design.
  • Quality assurance, testing, constructive communication, team dynamics and self-employment training.

The content of the course is compiled in order to make the candidates qualified for permanent employment or to start as a freelance programmer.

The topics of the full course are:

  • Open source development (1 day)
  • Webservers (1 week)
  • Detector + browsers (1 day)
  • HTML (3 days)
  • CSS (1 week)
  • JavaScript (2 weeks)
  • PHP and databases (1 week)

Registration and Details

The course will start in agreement with the candidate(s), as soon as possible.

Contact us on start@think.dk for more information.